Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cooking challenge!

I love a good challenge. At least when it comes to food. And earlier this week, one presented itself.

On Friday, I am going to a vegan potluck (^_^) with cat girl and my physicist. So I have to figure out a good potluck dish to make. The requirements are:
  • It must be vegan (no meat, dairy, eggs, or honey)
  • It must be gluten free (I want cat girl to be able to eat it too)
  • It must not have mushrooms (I just don't like them)
  • It must be tasty! (enough that my omnivorous boyfriend doesn't miss non-vegan stuff)
Cat girl and I are getting together this afternoon and brainstorming. It should be fun. If the two of us can come up with a vegan, gluten free meal for her and her omnivorous atkins-stupid boyfriend - there's nothing we can't do!

I'm considering Baked Spelt Macaroni with Cashew Cheddar Cheese from 101 Cookbooks...

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