Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tempeh Pasta with Asperagus and Peas in Wine Sauce

Or... Proof that there doesn't have to be a plan!

A few weeks ago, I bought tempeh to make tempeh fajitas with the boy from Vegan Vittles: Recipes Inspired by the Critters of Farm Sanctuary cookbook that catgirl gave me. But one thing led to another (including a wonderful vegetarian Mexican dinner at his parents ^_^), and we never got around to it.

Yet I had tempeh sitting in my fridge. And other random things, such as asparagus that was meant for another meal that never happened, small sea shell noodles, leftover from when the boy and i over estimated how much it would be when cooked, and some white wine, left over from . . . awhile ago.

I was hungry, and this food begged to be eaten, so I just started cooking. I had never made tempeh before, but I started slicing in into thin strips width-wise. Snapped the asparagus, and steamed them both. They then got chopped into bite-sized pieces, and thrown in a pan with some garlic, olive oil, nutritional yeast, dry thyme, and parsley. On a whim, I added some frozen peas, and white wine. After letting the wine cook away a bit, I tossed in the already-cooked noodles, and cracked some pepper in. Once the noodles were heated through, I tossed in in a bowl, threw some Parmesan cheese (from Trader Joe's - yay no animal rennet!) and yum!

1 pkg Tempeh
A few handfuls frozen peas
1/2 cup white wine
1lb asparagus (or a little less)
olive oil
1 clove garlic
dried parsley
dried thyme
pasta of whatever type you like.

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