Monday, February 26, 2007

Frittata and Super Quick Garlic Toast

My newest cooking love has become the frittata. paired with a really nice salad, and a slice of whole wheat garlic toast is my favorite. I never make a frittata the same way twice. i often use it not only as a protein supplement, but as a way to clean produce out of my fridge. I have a basic plan, but in general, if i wan to use it up, it goes in.

I start with the eggs (of course) usually 4-6-8 depending on how many people i'm feeding, and what scale of leftovers i want. (I''m a big fan of leftovers)
After the eggs come a splash of milk of some sort- anything from heavy cream, to rice dream - and a bit of ground salt and pepper.
Next comes the ingredients that vary.
The first category of ingredients are the fresh herbs, I often have some on hand for other recipes, but i consider them so crucial that i will occasionally by them just for this if i'm out. a poultry rub pack of fresh herbs works great, since for under $2, you generally get a variety such as sage, rosemary, thyme, etc. I've vary partial to fresh parsley, basil, and green onion/chives as well.
next the dry herbs to make up for whatever fresh i didn't have. I always have basil, parsley and thyme, so if i don't have them fresh, they go in now.
Next come the veggies . . . lets see what i have. last night it was some leftover broccoli from making stuffed green peppers, and some french green beans, and some red onion left over from a salad. yum. i've also used peppers, leftover thawed frozen spinach, etc.
Cheese! i don't always use it, but i often do. Parmesan seems to be my favorite, though with some veggie/herb combinations i might try cheddar. or Gruyere if i had it left on hand.

once these are all mixed together (and nope, i don't cook the veggies first, not even the broccoli!) i put it in a pan w/olive oil on medium heat, and ignore it for 3-5 minutes. Then, if the pan has a non-oven-safe handle, i wrap it in a double layer of foil, and stick it in a 350 degree over for 10-15 minutes, or until it's firm and puffy and a little brown on top. then slide a spatuala around the edges, and dumping onto a plate. cut in to slices and enjoy with a salad (Giada's Tuscan Salad is my current favorite) and some toast.

Whole Wheat Vegan Garlic Toast
1-? slices whole wheat (vegan) bread.
soy garden vegan butter
garlic powder
dried parsley
nutritional yeast flakes

spread the "butter" on, sprinkle the garlic, nutritional yeast, and the parsley on, and stick it in the toaster oven on whatever setting you like!

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